Sunday, April 23

Comp2Kids Third Annual Fund Raising Auction - March 29, 2006

Adam Hutter Tepper Galleries Auctioneer, Iliana & Phil Mindlin

Diane Lenz Shanley - Chairperson, Comp2Kids

Plineo Ayala - President & CEO, Per Scholas

Credit Suisse Table

Live Auction





Stephanie Evanick & Sara Lander



Kim Outerbridge, Crotana Park West Principal (the next Comp2Kids School)


Live Auction

Our Live Auction Hosts - Actors Alysia Reiner & David Basche

Live Auction - Alysia & David

Silent Auction

Silent Auction

Silent Auction



Live Auction Table Posted by Picasa

Live Auction Tables Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 14

Third Annual Auction4Kids Fundraising Auction & Gala Announcement

On March 29, 2006, Comp2kids will host its Third Annual Auction4Kids Fundraising Auction & Gala at the Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. As a direct result of the event, we expect to impact the educational future for over 1,000 middle school students in the South Bronx.

Comp2Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping to bridge the digital divide for children in underserved New York City public schools. Founded in 2001 by a group of technology professionals, Comp2Kids provides home computers and training for students and teachers at entire inner city schools. Schools in which this program has been implemented have shown:
· Fewer incidence of student misbehavior
· Improved teacher retention
· Increased participation from parents in their child’s educational experience
· Improved grades
· Students staying in school

In May of 2004, Comp2Kids was honored as “New Yorker of the Week” by TV Channel NY1. New York’s Secretary of State Randy Daniels and School Superintendent Joel Klein have recognized Comp2Kids as an “exemplary program” which they strongly support.
Our last Auction4Kids was a huge success, raising over $100,000 and facilitating the distribution of 700 personal computers and hundreds of hours of training to students and teachers at Roberto Clemente Intermediate School in Harlem. Our goal for 2006 is to raise over $200,000 which will be used to establish the Comp2Kids program at Crotona Park West Middle School in the South Bronx.

P.S. To request a copy of the NY1 Comp2Kids segment or a 3-minute video presentation of this year’s computer distribution at Roberto Clemente Intermediate School in Harlem, please contact us at +1 718 772 0657 or via

Friday, April 1

Comp2Kids Goes Sideways with Special Guest Alysia Reiner, Thursday May 5th, 6:00 to 8:30pm, Credit Suisse First Boston, 11 Madison Ave., NYC

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Comp2Kids Goes Sideways - California Wine Tasting and Fund Raiser, Thursday May 5th, 6:00 to 8:30pm, Credit Suisse First Boston, 11 Madison Ave., NYC

Join us for a California Wine Tasting Tour and experience a diversified selection of California reds from Napa and Sonoma to Carneros and Central Coast. California Cabernets have often dominated, but that might not be the case lately with the recent appreciation of Pinot Noir stemming from the Oscar nominated film Sideways. Alysia Reiner, cast member of the Oscar-nominated film Sideways will be on hand to let us know her favorites.
Admission $60 $50 for registrations by April 20th. For more information go to Or contact Diane Lenz Shanley:(917) 757-1426 or

All proceeds from this event will be used to purchase computers for the children of Roberto Clemente School in Harlem. Revenues from last year's fundraisers purchased 360 computers, equipping the entire 6th grade class.

Comp2Kids - Empowering Children through Leadership & Technology - One Community at a Time. Comp2Kids is a non-profit organization which helps economically challenged school children to bridge the digital divide. We provide every child in our targeted schools with a home computer and training to allow them to access computer technology and the Internet.

Wine tasting is hosted by Bacchus "Wine Made Simple," a boutique wine shop offering a diverse selection of wine related products and services. Bacchus is committed to bringing wine tasting experiences to both novice and veteran wine consumers alike.
For more infomation visit BroadwayBetween 70th and 71st New York, NY 10023212.875.1200

Friday, February 25

Welcome to the Comp2Kids Blog!

Welcome to the first installment of the Comp2Kids Blog. We're a non-profit organization that was founded in March of 2001 by a group of young professionals who came together out of a shared commitment and passion to make a difference in the lives of children.

You can learn more about our organization, our mission, and upcoming events at This blog is intended to be a interactive, conversational journal of the latest goings-on at Comp2Kids. We welcome your comments and participation in this grass roots effort to bridge the digital divide by providing computers and Internet access to children in our community.

Comp2Kids Fundraising Committee Meeting - Feb 24, 2005

Attendees: Suzanne Barbero, Carla Baranowski, Mickey Durivage, Edd Evanick, Wilson Ferriere, Sue Flaxman, Gary Katz, Diane Lenz Shanley, Joanie Sirefman.

Committee Objective: create and execute a simple fundraiser for April 4-5 or 6th. 100-120 attendees, admission ~$50. Auction a 3 high priced items. Event must be high energy, interesting and fun for our supporters. Goal to raise $10,000.

Concepts in discussion: Possible Pinot Noir theme wine tasting to tie in with popular Sideways movie, possible vodka and caviar tasting event…

Actions by next week:

Find Sponsor/Location:

Diane – talk to Tom, Catherine, Mickey to request their ideas and support

Suzanne - 2 Tribeca liquor stores which regularly hold wine tastings – would they sponsor a wine tasting

Suzanne - ask Manuel if BearingPoint will help this year

Gary - check with friend who owns a wine store – see if they will donate/support us

Edd - single malt scotch contact as an alternative concept

Joanie - Vodka contact: possible vodka and caviar tasting, etc.

Joanie - Chinese restaurant which charged $10 per person and included dinner

Diane – Cliff Korn at Acker Merral wine distributor

Diane - Check with Harlem wine store owner - sponsor wine tasting at another location

Diane – check with JPMorgan Chase to see if they would support this, allow us to use their lobby or board room for event

Wilson –Tribeca wine store contact

Obtain/create 3 high priced auction items:

Suzanne will check with firefighters to request dinner at the firehouse – C2K pay for groceries this time

Diane/Edd will contact Stephanie about using London apartment – possible London vacation concept (coordinate timing with Camilla/ Charles wedding?)

Diane will contact Diane Rosner for Theater tickets

Gary - look into obtaining rare wine (Integrity, Turley, etc) – possibly auction at a premium with Sideways movie tix,

Carla - contact Paul Giamatti from Sideways to see if he’ll support us

Sue – check on training coach package

Committee will reconvene by phone Wednesday March 2 at 7:30. Dial 1-888-695-1379 Password 917-757-1426